About Angstrom Precision Molding

Angstrom's Core Values

Each member of the Å-Team must seek to express these qualities daily:


The A-Team strives to improve our craftsmanship in machining molds, manufacturing products, and implementing services to our customers and our community. 


The A-Team thrives on providing first-class customer service, high-quality products, and exceptional delivery times. 


Angstrom Precision Molding, LLC is the one-stop shop for injection molding manufacturing.


The A-Team performs mold design, machining, and refurbishing alongside our in-house subsidiary: Fizzix, Mfg.


The A-Team works with our customers for product prototyping and sampling. 


The A-Team also yearns to provide production assembly or other solutions for our customers’ intricate products and unique needs.

ISO 9001 Certified

Angstrom Precision Molding is ISO 9001 certified. Its subsidiaries are ISO 9001 compliant.

Angstrom's Quality Policy

Angstrom Precision Molding, LLC is committed to providing excellent customer service, quality assurance, and on-time shipping – all with a sense of urgency and assuming full responsibility. We strive to improve the organization by being disciplined in following standards, detailed in documentation, and diligent in serving others. Communication and teamwork will enable us to succeed, meet our goals, and produce satisfaction in many aspects.

Angstrom's Quality Objectives

Customer service rating of 4.9 stars.

Defect rate of 0.05% or less for all products shipped.

Orders are shipped by the specified due date 98% of the time.

Our passionate team thrives on delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Meet the Å-Team

Angstrom Is a Member of Iowa ABI

Angstrom has joined the Iowa Association of Business and Industry. It is an honor to be a part of a wonderful network of Iowa-based organizations!

Iowa ABI