Frog Legs Phase 2 Carbon Fiber Fork

Frog Legs, Inc.

Wheelchair Suspension Forks 

Angstrom manufactures wheelchair forks for in-house subsidiary Frog Legs, Inc. These forks are made of carbon fiber nylon which ensures lightweight and durability for the rider. Check out their products here - Frog Legs II Carbon Fiber Suspension System

Frog Legs, Inc.

Wheelchair Casters 

Angstrom manufactures wheelchair caster wheels for in-house subsidiary Frog Legs, Inc. They are made out of nylon to provide a durable, lightweight ride at a lower cost than traditional casters. Check out their products here - AGOG Composite Caster

Frog Legs, Inc.

Wheelchair Fork Bushings

Angstrom manufactures wheelchair fork bushings for the Frog Legs, Inc. wheelchair top-blocks. 

Frog Legs, Inc.

Wheelchair Caster Shields

Angstrom manufactures Frog Shields for wheelchair casters. These caster shields help prevent dirty from getting into the caster bearings. Check out their products here -Frog Shield


Seed Tote Lid Locks

Angstrom manufactures seed tote lid locks. These lock the lids to the totes and must be broken off to open the lid. The purpose is to prevent theft or contamination of the seeds.


Floor Spring Retainers

Angstrom manufactures floor spring retainers. These snap onto metal springs used for spring boards in gymnastics.

Balance Beam End Caps

Angstrom manufactures rubber balance beam caps. These are to cover the ends of balance beams.

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